Friday, September 14, 2012


After skiing in New Zealand for almost a month, I met up with Travis in Maui on the way back home. It was a short and sweet trip! And by sweet, I mean really sweet! Check out the house we got to stay at!!

This is Bill Nguyen and his wife's property in Kapalua, Maui. It is a beautiful house located right by Honolua Bay, which is famous for its surfing in the winter season. 
The house itself is a piece of architecture, the theme of it being the ultimate surf shack! Not so much of a shack according to me, but see for yourself!

View of the ocean and Molokai Island right ahead!

This is the beach right below the house. It is great for snorkeling! We saw a giant sea turtle cruising past us!!

Stunning sunsets every night!

This is called the Molokini Crater. It is known for its snorkeling also. Travis and I were offered a cruise there from his parents!! Thanks Rick and Jan!!
The cruise ship ''Pride of Maui'' was totally awesome! They had a super fun crew, great food, a super bad-ass slide off the boat and on top of it all, we got to SNUBA dive. ( a mix between scuba diving and snorkeling)

The famous boat!

It was a really cool and different experience to breathe underwater.
Au début, c'est assez épeurant, car c'est assez différent de respirer l'air en bouteille, mais après quelques minutes, on s'habitue!
Maintenant,  Travis et moi voulons se certifier pour la plongée sousmarine!

We passed this beautiful bay on the drive back home on the whiny road of the West Maui coast.
A little shack there claimed they were selling '' The Best Banana Bread In The World!'', but unfortunately we couldn't judge it since we were out of cash...:((

Rocking out after the rain!

Enjoying the sunset some more!!

We had Resi and her boyfriend Kevin over one night for dinner. Thanks for coming guys!! (They are complete locals there now and they took us cliff jumping into the ocean!)
Souper gastronomique!

Bye Bye Maui!! Here I come Canmore!

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  1. pic 9, jumping from the kitchen counter into the pool, nice!!!