Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mike Wiegele Part 2 by Brittany Phelan

So this is a first, but today I have the pleasure of having a guest appearance on my blog!!
My friend, teammate and wonderful writer Brittany Phelan has put together a great resumé of our trip to the wonderland of Mike Wiegele Heli Skiing in Blue River, BC!!
Here it is!!:

Last week. Mitch and I had the privilege of finishing off our season at Mike Wiegeles Heli Skiing for the second consecutive year.
 I love springtime at Mike Wiegeles because it is like winter! End of March powder!

After making the drive from Whistler to Blue River, we met up with Bruce who checked us in to our sweet log chalet, that would be home to Mitch and I for the next few days. We were so happy Mitch Levitated and my world was turned upside down.

After a safety briefing video and introduction to all the staff, we went to the main Lodge for dinner, this was the beginning of our Heli-Bellies! A common, but very worth it condition that occurs at MW, due to the amazing cuisine!

Bright and early the next morning, Avalanche and rescue training. Standard procedure when venturing into big mountains and fluffy snow. 

Then up we went! We started off the day skiing in the trees, I double ejected first run to test the snow. It passed the test, I didn't feel anything other then a tinge of embarrassment !

That first morning was the greatest powder I had ever skied, and when we were told it was lunch time, Mitch and I were like 'Ain't nobody got time for that'! But our stomachs disagreed, so we had delicious lunch flown in by helicopter. Refuelled, back in the Heli we went, and more powder we had! 

After arriving home, we were planning on taking advantage of the Awesome hot tubs and free stretch class, but next thing we knew it was almost dinner and we were still horizontal lying in our beds. Although we are ski racers, we are definitely not used to skiing all day long. 

Dinner was as delicious as the previous night, and we had the privilege of being entertained by THE Mike WIegele, and his hilarious stories. 

The next day on snow was as fluffy as ever, and we were on cloud nine again. We skied all day long, and joked about how long it would actually take to ski this terrain with out a helicopter. We guessed, that if we had to skin up, we would get one run in a day, instead of over 10. Spoiled much? I think so.

After a great powder spoiled day, we rallied our energy and and enjoyed some Apres-Ski and complimentary wine testing in the main Lodge. Met some equally stoked skiers, and sampled some great wine. 

At dinner, we had the privilege of giving a Ski Tip. We brainstormed about what this could be, as powder skiing and racing don't always require the same tactics. One thing we agreed on though, was that gravity is your friend. Don't fight the fall line! Also, look to where you want to go. If you see a huge tree or something you want to avoid, don't stare it down because it will do more then stare back, and it may hurt. Be balanced, and all that good stuff.

Early to sleep, early to rise! What a morning, bluebird, and not a breeze in the sky. Off to the Alpine Glaciers! The skiing was not the usual glacier skiing Mitch and I are accustomed to, as in despite the icy name, the snow was so fluffy and abundant! We got to enjoy some long peak to valley runs, and limitless terrain. Hello quads, feel the burn! 

This was definitely one of the most scenic, beautiful ski days of my life. Just the view from the Heli would have been enough to be a great day. Can we stay forever? Maybe one day, but duty calls.

After heading back to the lodge after another gorgeous day in the Cariboo Mountain range, Mitch and I packed up the car quickly, thanked our awesome guides Bob, and Martini for the best skiing of our lives, checked out of our log home, and hit the road home to Canmore! 

I could not think of a better end to our ski year. Going to Mike Wiegeles After a long season of racing, hitting gates, being generally super competitive, is the perfect reminder of why we race: We love skiing. From the staff, guides, guests, etc..everybody at MW is so passionate and stoked on skiing. Mitch and I were reminded how lucky we are, to live our dream, and share our passion with the world

We would both like to thank everyone who made our time at MW amazing and unforgettable. We are already looking forward to our return! 

Hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I did! Thanks Brittles!
I also want to thank the Mike Wiegele crew for having us there and making it such a memorable experience. For those of you who've never gone heli skiing at Mike Wiegele, it is so worth it! That feeling of being the only people on the mountain and getting without fail to ski some freshies all day. Also, the food there is the best I've ever had, a feast every night by their awesome Swiss Chef! 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fiji Island Hopping

On our way back from an amazing on-snow camp in New Zealand, my teammate Brittany Phelan and I stopped in the Fiji Islands for a little rest time. We visited 4 islands in 5 days including Viti Levu(main island), South Sea Island, Mantaray Island Resort and Blue Lagoon Beach Resort. 

It was an amazing trip with even more amazing vistas! I combined a mash up of the best pictures for you all to get jealous;) hihi! 

We were on Fiji Time!!!!! Bula!! Vinaka Vaka Levu (means Thanks very much!)

Britt and Sara(Aussie new friend!) expressing their Fiji love above Blue Lagoon

Best electrolyte drink, raw coconut water mmmmmm!!!

Lil night hiking

We are free!!

Mountain babes pose!(no top on!)

Made it to the top!

Blue Lagoon

The face!
Priceless setting for this typical Britt face

Main island sunsets rock!

Brought my tahoe SUP

Swimming with the mantarays, that little person down there is me haha! It gives you an idea of how big that thing is!

South Sea Island

More of the FACE

Looks like Batman!

Mantaray Island view from the top

Our guide went coconut hunting

Blue Lagoon sunset hike

Smugglers Cove!
Loving the colour contrast there

Sunday, August 11, 2013


I now post most of my pictures and updates on Instagram. It's an Iphone, Ipad app which I just love!
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Monday, April 29, 2013

What I do in my down time

They say a picture is worth a thousand words

Une image vaut mille mots

This is what I do in my down time.(April)

Huge thanks again to Mike Wiegeles Heli Skiing for the mind-blowing trip!